‘I’m as shocked as you are…..’

I cannot believe it's been 6 weeks since I last posted!!! As my title suggests, I'm a little shocked that so much time has passed. What have you been up to Rachael, I hear you all ask?? Let me have a think, well...... We got all the fencing on the neighbours side finished (by we,… Continue reading ‘I’m as shocked as you are…..’

‘the course of true gardening never did run smooth’

Is it Wednesday already? I had planned to post this on Monday but here we are, mid-week and not a ‘wein washed’ as the saying goes (just in case you wondered, that means ‘not a child washed’ which really means that not much has been done!) The plant planning has stalled. The reality is that… Continue reading ‘the course of true gardening never did run smooth’

‘the results are in….’

Nobody panic! We’re back to normal here in Belfast. No awkward posts about feelings or emotions today. That’s not to say that posts like my last one are not important but I’m not one to dwell on these dark things too long. Life is to short to not embrace the nicer and more fun things… Continue reading ‘the results are in….’

Thriving, not just Surviving!

Hello! I hope you are your families are well? It’s been another brilliant week of weather here in Belfast. My pale Northern Irish skin is currently a lovely hue of magenta and I even managed to burn the top of my head. All of that aside I’ve had a fantastic week. Restrictions regarding quarantine have… Continue reading Thriving, not just Surviving!

‘this is a marathon, not a sprint’

Well, it’s been a fairly changeable week or so here in Belfast. One minute the sun is shining and I’m dreaming of summer dresses and G&Ts (who am I kidding? Definitely a bottle of beer) in the garden and then next it’s blowing a gale and I’m fretting over the survival of my plants. Motivation… Continue reading ‘this is a marathon, not a sprint’